10357258_10100124648495322_3524053301433012376_nDJ P Drama is already a trendsetter, already a star, already known as your favorite DJs favorite DJ, and well ahead of his time. Following in the footsteps of his 5 older brothers, all of which are popular New York DJs, this Brooklyn-born-Queens-raised DJ at an early age was always above the status quo. He began teaching himself how to DJ at the age of 10. To prove his determination to continue the DJing tradition in his family, his brother DJ Sage refused to teach him, but provided his equipment for P Drama to learn the art of DJing. The challenge was short-lived. Soon after, P Drama began DJing with his brother’s equipment. On alternate nights that his brother was not DJing, P Drama performed at his middle school, local house parties, block parties, and other special events. At 16, P Drama was introduced to the adult world of DJing. He began sneaking in 21 and older events where his brother performed. After high school, he ventured to Morgan State University (MSU) to continue his education. While enrolled at MSU, he continued to DJ at his campus parties and other local events. At this time, he matured as a DJ. He now could see DJing as a career instead of a hobby he once had as a boy and a teenager.

P Drama’s outspoken, ambitious, and creative persona has allowed him to breakout of the local tri-state scene. DJ P Drama is currently shifting his career into high gear. He was the personal show DJ for Sony Music Group Artist Ray Cash, and currently the DJ for former Bad Boy Records artist King Los. He also has been inducted into the “Party Boys” DJ Crew, known throughout the US as well as “The Core DJs”, which is a national DJ organization consisting of over 1200 DJs.


Currently P Drama holds residencies and has DJ’d in many cities throughout the US such as:

  1. New York City: Club Lavie, Greenhouse, Rosewood and Amnesia
  2. Baltimore Maryland: Edens Lounge, Red Maple, Select Lounge, Mirage Nightclub Lux Lounge, Oxygen Lounge & Milan Lounge;
  3. Washington DC: Park at Fourteenth Nightclub, District Lounge, Liv Nightclub & Underground Lounge;
  4. Richmond Virginia: Club Posh, Club Visions
  5. Los Angeles, California: Las Palmas
  6. Miami Florida: Dream Nightclub, Club Space, Club Bed, SoBe Live and Cameo Nightclub
  7. Jamaica, West Indies: Club Jungle, Waves Beach, Risky Business and Margaritaville


Every fall P Drama embarks on a Homecoming Tour at Virginia State, Virginia Union, Hampton University, and South Carolina State University, Delaware State, Howard University and Morgan State University. He is actively working on expanding his performances to overseas venues to become an international DJ. He aspires to perform in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, and other parts of the West Indies. DJ P Drama is close to his goal because he consistently gets and keeps the crowd moving. In other words, he is a chameleon DJ: able to adapt to the vibe of any party or event.